2016 Football Sign-Ups:

Sign-ups are now underway for the 2016 season!
The signup period for football has moved up this year per a change in the league. We need to have enough signups for two teams of 16 in order to have our program sustain itself! These numbers must be met by Feb.21st, else discussions will be had with the league on March 1st about a permanent merge with another program.
DON'T DELAY (or we may not have a team come May)!!

For students of JPII or parishioners of St. Barts, OLR, or St. Clare, register at...

For students of St. Vivian, St. James Wyoming, St. Boniface, Annunciation, or St. Francis Seraph (or parishioners thereof), register at...


Bandit Football (K-2nd Grade) - This is our instructional football team which really helps the kids learn the sport of football before being thrown into a game situation. At this level, coaches are on the field during the "games". Each team will run so many plays on offense and then switch to defense (then switch after half). There are no referees and no time or score kept for this level to encourage learning over performance.  Since there are no referee fees for this level, the cost is less than the older grades levels. There are typically 6 to 7 games per season played on Saturday mornings then a "Bandit Bowl" at the end of the year against one or two well-matched team. Rules are voted on by the league on a yearly basis and can be found on the website (including 

Pony Football (3rd-4th Grade) - At this level, actual games are played and the score is kept with paid referees on the field. There is no punting at this level. We want all kids to feel an equal part of the team so kids should get a good amount of playing time based upon their interest in positions and desire to be in the game. As with the older grades, SabreCat games on this level are typically played on Sunday afternoons when at home and most (if not all) away games within the division. Typically there are 8 regular season games and every team participates in a 1-and-out playoff tournament in late October. For safety reasons, weight limits for this level are 120lbs (are typically voted on yearly).

Reserve Football (5th-6th Grade) - At this level, games are played in all aspects (punts and all). The weight limit has been 140lbs in past years and is expected to remain unchanged in 2015. A similar 8-game regular season followed by a playoff tournament with similarly-competitive teams is typical. SabreCat minimum playing time rules state 6-10 plays per game average throughout the course of the season.

Varsity Football (7th-8th Grade) - The weight limit is increased to 170lbs for this level in order to balance preparation for high school football with safety. The schedule and competition structure is similar to Reserve (8-game regular season with playoffs). As competition is higher at this level, SabreCat minimum playing time rules are more restrictive at 3-5 plays per game average throughout the course of the season. 

Volunteering - As the SabreCats are a 100% volunteer-based organization (as with all GCYL programs), volunteers are needed to cover responsibilities associated with hosting home games (concession, gates, setup, cleanup, etc.). Typically this involves a 1-hour shift before or after your child's game.  Most families have one to three of these shifts per year based on team numbers and hosted games.  By signing up with the program, you are agreeing to participate in this collaborative effort. Families already volunteering much time and talent with coaching will try to be worked around on this schedule, but may need to assist based on the resources.

2014 RECAP

We hope everyone enjoyed the 2014 season with the SabreCats.  It was a great year of fun in the sun suiting up with our friends and going out to play some ball!  We were glad to have some of our friends from OLG join us and hope everyone made some friends and memories that will last forever.


This year we are happy to have partnered with our neighbor program OLG to provide our kids an opportunity to play football on teams with sufficient numbers.  We accepted some of their players into our program on the RESERVE and VARSITY levels while they accepted some of our kids on the BANDIT level.

Regular Season Results